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“Creating a more inclusive and accessible community, one presentation at a time”

Disability Awareness Programs & Training (aDAPT)

Disability awareness, programs and training provides general information about disability and disability-related topics. This training is tailored to support our audience, be it your staff, clients, service users, or volunteers.  

We conveniently bring this education and awareness to your business on lower Vancouver Island. 

In less than 90 minutes, this training allows our attendees to gain confidence when communicating with, interacting with, or assisting people with Diverse Abilities. 

Your staff will learn alternative ways of helping people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities. Your staff will gain invaluable knowledge about accessibility and inclusion. They will learn what tools and devices to have on hand that will make your establishment stand out from the rest in its ability to provide a positive experience to your customers from all walks of life.

Why should your organization have disability awareness training?

When you and your employees learn disability awareness through aDAPT, you learn the difference between language that facilitates communication and language that can be a barrier to communicating with, interacting with, or assisting people with Diverse Abilities. This understanding relieves any awkwardness or discomfort as everyone is treated equally. Isn't that what most people want? To be treated with dignity and equality? 

Many people are concerned or worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. aDAPT informed staff learn the most effective ways to convey welcoming inclusivity and acceptance. 

There are 6.2 million of us (per Easter Seals Canada) in Canada identifying as living with an apparent or non-apparent disability. While 88% of our Canadian population knows one or more people living with a disability. Disabilities are not uncommon, and they are not going away. At any time, anyone can develop a disability from an accident, illness, or the natural process of aging. When a business or organization is recognized as being inclusive and accessible, people remember that and will support businesses that make the effort to welcome, serve, and sell to all customers.

Your staff will come away from our Disability Awareness Program & Training feeling confident to communicate with, interact with, and support your customers, clients, and co-workers living with a disability. I tailor my program, to anyone and for everyone. 

Topics covered in this training:

  • general information on disabilities - both apparent and non-apparent
  • language to use and language to avoid
  • how to offer assistance to someone with a diverse ability
  • do's and don’ts of interacting with people with disabilities
  • accessibility and how you can make your business more accessible
  • tools and devices to have on hand to assist a person with a disability 

If you are uncertain if your staff would benefit from disability awareness training, please click here and print off the "aDAPT for Employers and Staff" questionnaire and have your staff anonymously complete it. From their answers, you will be able to assess if your business or establishment will benefit from our staff training.

We are proud of our program and this in-person training is currently available to all businesses on lower Vancouver Island. We come to you! Read some of the reviews from our previous presentations.

This training is an investment in your business now, and in the future.  All of your clients, customers, and service users will feel welcome and understood by your aDAPT-trained staff.  Attendees and the host business will be provided with certificates of completion for aDAPT. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.