Diverse Abilities

Gina Martin

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Accepting and Adapting to Changes as We Age, Learning New Ways to Accomplish Tasks

Gina is standing in front of her props table and presenting in the library at a seniors retirement community. She is wearing a black and white dress with a short cropped black top.Senior’s aDAPT Presentation

Are you moving slower than you used to? Got a few more aches and pains? Maybe your eyesight is starting to get blurry, or you don’t hear as well as you used to. Oh, forgetful me! When we age, our bodies and our brains age as well. 

Our aDAPT presentation for seniors is conveniently brought to you, or your facility, on Vancouver Island. Our presenters are people with lived experience around aging and disability. By sharing our stories along with helpful tips and tricks that we use to navigate daily life, we make this a very insightful and informative presentation for individuals and their loved ones. You will gain a wealth of knowledge in the best way possible either for yourself, someone you know, or someone you may know in the future.

During our Senior’s aDAPT presentation, you will learn:

  • Available tools, devices, and technology that can make life easier.  
  • Where to get these items and how they work. 
  • Language is always evolving. Learn preferred words and phrases to use (and to avoid) to promote dignity and inclusion.  
  • We demonstrate helpful ways of communicating with, interacting with, and assisting people who are navigating life differently.  
  • We show and talk about the alternative techniques people use to allow for maximum independence.
  • We talk about safety in the home and community and provide resources to those who need them. 
  • It can be hard to admit, but when our body or brain changes due to age-related causes, we need to learn new ways to accomplish old tasks. Most things are possible, they will just be accomplished differently (either in the way to do it or in the experience it brings). 

Gina with her cane, standing in a group of people, after a presentationCome learn from our experts who navigate daily life, while living with Diverse Abilities. 

This presentation is usually one hour or a bit longer dependent on the number of people attending and the number of questions and interests in the demo aides. The speakers share their wealth of knowledge and understanding. We are here–so get curious and ask questions! $150 per session.